Health Innovation
Hub Ireland


The Health Innovation Hub came to us when they identified a need to explain the complex work that they do. They felt that an animation would suit their needs, and after an initial meeting, so did we! We had a full day workshop with the HIHI using our “Clarityville” method to map their story, identify their audiences and begin to visualise the final animation. This workshop is the foundation of a good animation, and explores the purpose, meaning and visual metaphors of the story, as well as many other aspects that are crucial to produce an impactful animation. For the Health Innovation Hub, success was that they could simply press play on this animation whenever someone asked what they do. And that’s exactly what they did when the hub was officially launched on 26th of September 2016. 

"With a very limited lead-up time we engaged with Think Visual to produce an animated video. We were very impressed with the team approach and literally experienced first hand the “Think Visual” process whereby our thoughts were represented visually before our very eyes on whiteboard. This provided a key focal point for both the hub and Think Visual teams. It also enabled us all to clearly define the message content and delivery mechanism. The production seemed, to us, to be seamless, totally interactive and very rewarding."
Dr. Colman Casey,
Director of Health Innovation Hub Ireland


Health Innovation Hub Ireland

Outputs & Services
- Full day Clarityville Workshop
- Script and Storyboard development
- Animation with voiceover for use at the opening and online
- Video 02:40 min long
Health Innovation Hub Ireland Animation v2.0

Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 09.40.40.png