An Overview to Infographics Through Visual Storytelling

The Library & Research Service (L&RS) of the Houses of the Oireachtas (Irish Parliament) deals with complex information on a daily basis. Members of the Oireachtas (T.Ds and Senators) and their staff rely on the work of the L&RS to stay informed on the many day-to-day issues of interest to a public representative in parliament such as public expenditure, the health service, the Budget process, road traffic policy, and others. The focus of the training was to teach L&RS staff the principles of design and storytelling to support them towards becoming advanced visual communicators. Our response to this challenge was to deliver a half day workshop - “An Overview To Infographics Through Visual Storytelling, Leverage Empathy, Gain clarity, Tell Impactful Stories!” In this workshop, we introduced the group to the importance of visual communication. We used interactive activities, explaining how to use the “Designer Tool Box”, and gave them simple access to Layout Ingredients. The group surprised themselves with their creative solutions presented by the end of the workshop!

“I really liked the practical elements of putting theory into practice, experimenting with the Designer Tool Box etc. I especially liked the interactive and collaborative aspect of the training. I liked best the great selection of material provided, as well as the good use of helpful video clips”
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