SelfMake & BusinessMake
series of books
by Pat Lynch

Pat had created a list of invaluable tips drawn from his extensive experience in the business world, and wanted to package his tips as a book. We worked in conjunction with Cork-based designer Orlagh O’Brien to offer an entire package for Pat - copy editing the raw text, individual illustrations, and book design. For the illustrations, we sat with Pat in a Visual Consultancy, live sketching core themes of each tip as he elaborated on them. Together we fleshed out the most apt metaphor to ensure it embodied Pat’s vision and complemented the text. In addition to useful stand-alone books, SelfMake and BusinessMake also work as useful take-aways from Pat’s appearances at seminars and training workshops nationwide. We are looking forward to working on Pat’s future books as he continues creating this series.

"My dream was realised - the transformation of my words into beautifully illustrated books. The visual consultancy process allowed me input into the creation of the illustrations, and I have had many compliments at my talks and workshops since. I could not be happier with my books!" 
Pat Lynch


Pat Lynch,

Outputs & Services
- Visual Consultancy
- Copy editing  
- 49 Illustrations throughout
136 pages book

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