Creative Engagers Community: being human = being creative

I'm really happy to introduce you to Creative Engagers. Creative Engagers is a global community that meets both in local meet-ups around the world and online (join on Slack through

The community is set up to expand and explore all definitions of creativity from shifting perceptions to art making, building a bridge between business and the arts. It does so by hosting discussions, collaborations and exchanges online and in local monthly meetings using a well-structured, collaborative process. Participants form connections with each other that help find new perspectives and share knowledge, experiences and skills resulting in a growing, vibrant and creative community.

The idea of a global community that will be routed in the core belief that being human equals being creative start around mid 2016. After many conversations, in March 2017 the global community went live on Slack. A core group emerged, people from various background, all passionate to make this happen. We all agreed that for the community to thrive and grow there has to be a live meeting element. People need contact with each other not just through screens. So meet-ups are currently held every month in both Cork City and Dublin. Tel Aviv and London groups are in the process of being formed.