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  • Attending a conference or a meeting can be a great experience generating high energy and creativity

    How can you make it last? how can you share this with your co-workers?
  • How can you tell your story in a fun & engaging way?

    How can you make your message reach thousands of people?
  • Still making powerpoint presentation and wonder why people don't seem to listen?

    Prezi is a new and cool way to upgrade your presentations!
  • How can you get the best from your team?

    Visual facilitation offers many ways!

Graphic Harvesting

We are like turbo-charged note-takers! Using high level listening skills, we digest what we hear and translate this into visuals and text. LIVE!


Motion Graphics

Take all the goodness of visual recording and put it into motion! Only have 5 minutes to pitch your idea? This is a brilliant way to get the investors' attention. 


Visual Consultancy

Unclear where you are heading? Visual coaching is a collaborative process: you talk and we question, listen and draw. Think of it as making a treasure map of the knowledge hidden inside you!


Graphic Solutions

Visual recording is a great tool, but what happens next? The Think Visual team are passionate about exploring all the creative ways to tell a story to whoever needs to hear it.


Training & Education

We are happy to provide training courses to business teams, community groups and anyone else who could benefit from it. 


Stay in touch.

Our team will answer all your questions and find solutions for any issue.

Think Visual Vision

Using creativity and design, to be the conduit to translating abstract challenges into tangible solutions and to enhance understanding through memorable visual articulation.   


Contact us.

    Ireland: +353 (0) 86 374 3132
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