We want to help make a world where people are clear, empowered & motivated to CREATE the Reality they want to live in.

Think visual

In Think Visual, we see each person as an agent of change. We believe that meaningful positive change comes when people feel ownership and agency over the issues and feel connected to one another. We want to help grow a culture of positive care and empowerment within large organisations and society as a whole. We do this by being their trusted engagement and communication partner leveraging our visual expertise. We see our clients, leaders and teams as our partners. We work in collaboration to make sure they get the most out of their own thinking and gain clarity in communicating complex stories. Together we create engagement journeys that bring those messages to their audience in a meaningful, playful way creating lasting change and strong engaged relationships.

Think Visual brings together three areas of expertise - LIVE ENGAGEMENT, STORYTELLING AND LEARNING. We combine those in each project to create maximum impact and the best outcome. Where the three areas overlap is the heart of our innovative approach: co-created tangible clarity.


Our expertise and unique methodologies span three key areas that we combine in each engagement to create maximum impact and the best outcome.  


Visual harvesting in real time to generate momentum for change.  

We have been working across many live events, from small meetings to large conferences that brought thousands of people together. We know that there is a special spark when people meet. We recognise that this special spark consists of thoughts, feelings and potential for action. We see our role as harvesters across all three aspects. For the last 15 years our people have been developing and experimenting with techniques to harvest this spark, and package it in ways that makes lasting momentum for positive change.

Knowledge transfer is at the heart of everything we do.  

We are not only avid learners, we are facilitators of knowledge transfer. We want to pass on our knowledge and skills to our partners, as we believe that it's the most effective way to make sustainable positive change in the world. We design learning journeys, learning environments and learning artefacts that are visual, playful and experience based.

The art of telling impactful stories through visuals and narratives.  

We have developed a unique rapid prototyping process that helps us and our partners to craft stories that engage with their audience. At the core of this process is empathy to the audience. Our ability to produce visuals instantly helps create communication prototypes that can be tested and then refined, resulting in impactful communication tools each time.


Leading clarity innovation: Co-created tangible clarity  

We use creativity and visuals to tackle some of the big challenges of our time: disengagement, miscommunication and knowledge loss. Appreciating our clients’ passion and knowledge together we create tangible visual artefacts that help innovation grow and sustain high engagement and share learning. We snatch clarity from the jaws of confusion.



“The Journey To Clarityville” is a visual process that helps us and our clients to produce impactful communication time after time. “Clarityville” process helps to move from over focusing on what we know, to what our audience is ready to hear. It helps us separate between information that is TBU - True But Useless to what is relevant for achieving the result we want. 


In Crowd Harvesting we refer to a long list of tested methodologies that help gather the knowledge in the room in a playful, engaging and insightful way.  Our base assumption is that every individual has something to share when being asked the right question, and that when the answers are put together in a smart visual way we can gain new insights. In Crowd Harvest activities, each participant brings their own voice and help create one visual story. Our clients report that they find it empowering, fun, and insightful. 


Graphic Harvesting is the art of listening, sensemaking and drawing in the same time. Using high level listening skills, we digest what we hear and translate this into visuals and text - in real time. Watching this process helps the viewer remember, make sense, gain a deep understanding and engage.
Graphic Harvesting is often used when it’s crucial that the knowledge in the room is remembered, acted upon and shared, such as meetings, workshops and conferences.


Visual Facilitation is the use of visuals and metaphors to lead groups and individuals towards a goal. The method is used in many scenarios such as workshops, meetings, and conferences. Using creative hands-on and collaborative methods is key to Visual Facilitation. This helps generate high levels of engagement, leads to solid alignment and strong sense of ownership. It is very useful when exploring complex topics such as strategy, vision and mission.

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