1/2 Day Project Mapping Workshop


1/2 Day Project Mapping Workshop

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Your project or strategy vision and mission are clear, goals are actionable, and your key stakeholders have been identified, and you need help prioritising and commenting your plan?

The 1/2 day ShapeScape workshop can be the perfect match for you. 

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workshops are facilitated by our expert ShapeScape facilitator, and include an industry specific consultant when required.

By the end of each workshop participants have created a visual map and a prioritised action list. Visual documentation from the workshop is shared immediately.

Recommended group size can be as small as 2-3 people, usually decision makers and project owners, and up to 10 people, who represent the key groups from the execution team.

Before the workshop we will help you assess your execution plan, and identify priorities and deliverables for the workshop.

To ensure the clarity and alignment are embedded into your project delivery we offer the following workshop follow ups:

  • Converting the visual map created during the workshop into a digital and/or printed output. The digital or printed maps can be embedded into your stakeholder communication plan and project onboarding process.

  • Visual report including all insights generated during the workshop.

  • Key milestones or quarterly reviews of your execution plan including updating the digital map. Giving you an opportunity to review achievement and make adjustments.

  • Full visual analysis of your execution plan with key steps on how to best achieve your goals, objectives and vision.

Please Note

  • Price is ex VAT
  • Price does not include travel cost, those will be charged at cost
  • Prior to the workshop we will have an hour call with you to clarify the workshop purpose and design the outcomes.