1/2 Day Project Mapping Workshop


1/2 Day Project Mapping Workshop


The SHAPESCAPE toolkit and methodology is designed for change makers and their teams using principles from gamification, design thinking and visual thinking.

The toolkit, methodology and visual outputs that help you to gain overview, communicate your ecosystem to diverse stakeholders and assess your progress. 

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Great teamwork approach, ability to build something together (and change) as needed. The visual process made it so much easier to see the links and add layers.
— Barbra-Anne Richardson Cork Chamber

SHAPESCAPE toolkit & methodology uses the following three steps over a one day day workshop:

1. Brainstorm and mapping the elements that make your ecosystem complex. Using graphic shapes, visually map relationships between different concepts such as KPI and stakeholders, motivation and engagement methods.

2. Deep dive into the meaning behind the complexity. By questioning, critical thinking and storytelling we reflect & appreciate the complexity of your ecosystem, highlight resources, blockers and opportunities.

3. Consolidate insights into an action plan.  Set your priorities and make sure that you and your team to ensure clarity, focus and sustainable results.

Following the ShapeScape workshop you will receive:

  • Digital and printed visual ShapeScape map
  • Visual report including all insights generated at the session
  • A visual journey map and a scoping document containing a clearly explained and visually mapped path for achieving your vision and goals, covering insights from the workshop combined with our approach for delivering a successful journey.

Expect to be fully immersed, feel your brain stretched and think with your hands.

Please Note

  • Price is ex VAT
  • Price does not include travel cost, those will be charged at cost
  • Prior to the workshop we will have an hour call with you to clarify the workshop purpose and design the outcomes.