The Future Of Work

If you had to imagine your organisation in a metaphoric way, what would you pick? An oiled machine, clicking and clocking? or a bee hive, ever changing, ever buzzing?

We've been working with many organisations over the year and one of my biggest realisations is that any organisation is always in its core - a living system. 

We would like to think that it's a machine, because then we can control it. The idea of control gives us sense of predictability and security. But what can we do, life is not predictable as we would have like it to be, instead it is full of surprises and bursting with potential (and dangers).

We've been following the great wisdom of Dr. Margaret Wheatley and Deborah Frieze of The Berkana Institute for the last ten years. Their knowledge and others in this field show how when we adjust our expectation for organisations to act as machines, and shift it to living systems, change and growth become easy. 

We would love to know about your experience and reflections on this topic. Feel free to use and share the infographic below.