Think Visual delighted to offer creative training courses
and workshops designed by our expert educators. 


Workshops use our own methodologies and tools such as ShapeScape and Clarityville.  They are specially designed to suits leaders, change makers and teams working in fast paced, competitive and innovation hungry organisations. 
All training courses can be adjusted to suit your needs and availability. 

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SHAPESCAPE training courses

We live in a world that demands us to be genuine innovators, ground breaking creatives and advanced communicators. At Think Visual, we’ve been collecting the best skills, methods and models that help us be just that. We made them available in three-hour training courses. 


  • Courses are 3 hours long
  • Groups size between 8 - 20 participants
  • Courses can be combined

Design your strategy, improve on KPIs delivery, or map your stakeholder using a facilitated processes with a visual tool. ShapeScape is designed for change makers and their teams using principles from gamification, design thinking and system thinking.


  • Workshops are ½ day or full day long
  • Group size between 3 - 30 participants
  • Graphic report and printed maps included in the price

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