Engagement, Communication
Expert & CEO


Naomi Fein is the Founder & CEO of Think Visual, with over twenty years of expertise in the field of communication and engagement.

She founded Think Visual in 2013. Think Visual is a creative engagement consultancy that develops meaningful and impactful stakeholder engagement and communication. She was named Network Ireland’s New Business Woman of the Year 2015.

Naomi gained her experience and reputation by working with a wide range of leaders and changemakers in private and public organisations as well as with NGOs and within grassroots communities. She specialises in designing participatory processes for multi-stakeholder engagement, and supporting leaders to reach clear and impactful communication. In recent years she has mostly been working on high-risk scenarios, such as the creation of a sales deck supporting the sales of a billion dollar energy company, and designing the learning processes of a four-day event, engaging with participants from over 60 countries, around Public Financial Management, run by the World Bank.

She is also founder of the online Creative Engagers Community and an inspiring, sought-after public speaker who sees herself as a global change agent pursuing her vision of bridging the arts and business through celebrating creativity.