does your project not moving fast enough or feels stuck?

Is your team not fully onboard?

Do you want ensure results are delivered on time and on budget?   

Think of your project's end vision as if it was a new exciting travel destination. We use maps to find our way at an unfamiliar location without thinking twice. The map reveals the hidden potential of a place, gives clues for new adventures, triggers our interest and motivation, helps us to communicate and make fast decisions. Where we should go first? what type of transportation we should use? and which restaurant is the best?
Maps help us make the most of our limited time and resources.


We are able to do that because our brain is designed to process visual information 60,000 time faster than any other data. Map can contain so much information, you'd expect to feel overwhelmed, but our brain is able to focus on different aspects and interpret only the required information. For example, focusing on proximity we are able to assess distance, colours help us categorise and shapes can hold symbolic meanings (e.g. 5 stars = great place).


ShapeScape facilitates you and your team to not only build your project's unique visual map, but also learn how to use your project map to effectively navigate to the final destination - a successful project delivery.



Fujitsu pic.png
Conducted a workshop using ShapeScape with Naomi and Lia from Think Visual. My team and I found the day very useful and insightful. A very worthwhile use of time. Bravo!
— Tom Quinn, Accounts Director @ Fujitsu

Results reported by our clients:

  • Reach agreed prioritisation on the correct projects action and resource allocation

  • Accelerate project delivery (e.g. securing their client contract extension before its deadline)

  • Design new and effective routes to unblock projects

  • Ensure buy-in from from different management and operation stakeholders levels

  • Simplify complex concepts or ideas and communicate them effectively with clarity


Who is it for?

ShapeScape is a facilitated visual process designed to support decision makers and project owners who would like to avoid and resolve common execution challenges. Such as misalignment, project delays, conflict, loss of valuable resources by lack of prioritisation or overlaps.

ShapeScape Workshops

ShapeScape facilitated process is delivered through an in-person half day or full day workshops.

which workshop do you need?

It depends on your level on clarity of your project vision and mission, the complexity of your stakeholder map and the level of risk associacted with your project delivery (or lack of delivery).

To find out which workshop suits your needs best please click on the button below or fill in a 5 min online assessment questionnaire by clicking on this link


Lia, ShapeScape manager, will contact you to help figure out the best next step.


1/2 Day workshop 

Half day workshop are designed to help you when your project or strategy vision and mission are clear, the project goals are actionable, and your key stakeholders have been identified, and you need help prioritising and commenting your plan.


1 Day Workshop

Full day workshop are designed for when your project or strategy are ready for execution and you need to make sure your plan is clear enough so that your team can get on board, as well as you need help prioritising and commenting your plan.

Some more workshop information

  • All workshops are facilitated by our expert ShapeScape facilitator.

  • You will receive visual documentation from the workshop to your email after the workshop.

  • Recommended participants group size is from 2-3 people up to 10 people.

  • Prior to the workshop we will help you assess your execution plan, and identify workshop deliverables.


To ensure the clarity and alignment are embedded into your project delivery we offer the following follow ups:

  • Digital and/or printed visual ShapeScape map

  • Visual report including all insights generated at the session

  • Quarterly update of the map + Digital Map

  • A visual analysis with key steps on how to best to achieve your goals, objectives and vision.



How will you know if your execution plan is a winning plan? - Put it to the test!


In order to help you create a winning execution plan we put together an assessment questionnaire. Click on the button to start your assessment (it only takes 5 min).

We will analyse your answers and create a report including selected winning strategy/project execution recommendations.
Just for you!


ShapeScape DIY Kit

ShapeScape DIY Kit is designed as a tool for your own projects, when you are the decision maker.

It can help you get clarity and fast results on any project, either personal (e.g organising a family holiday) or professional (e.g recruiting a new sales person).