PEFA 2016 Update Launch Conference


Think Visual team worked closely with PEFA team for 3 month before the event. Together we designed, produced and facilitated a  series of communication and engagement elements Including: 

- Engagement Stations, we designed and produced two engagement stations that both creatively engaged with participants provided insights during the event and after. 

- Workshop Design, we provided full design and support for 4 parallel workshop using innovative participatory methods, combined with visual elements enabling large scale conversations, and tangible outputs. 

- Reflection Notebook, a beautiful  bilingual notebook enabling participants follow the flow of the event while reflection and collecting their personal learnings. 

- Graphic Harvesting, creating a visual record from the panel discussions and keynote speakers. 

- Post-Event Communication, including infogrpahics depicting data gathered at the event and workshop outputs. 


PEFA (Public Expenditure Financial Accountability) launched an update to the framework, the team was looking for support in designing an engaging and educational experience.  300 Participants travelled from all over the world to a two days conference and 2 days training event. Success meant that participants would get clear learnings of PEFA 2016 framework & be able to share it with their teams & organisations post event; Get inspired by the achievements of  the PEFA program and connect & exchange experiences and views on technical challenges and implementations. Think Visual challenge was help PEFA to  deliver an engaging learning experience while keeping a traditional conference format. 



The event was named the best PEFA event of the year. PEFA team were able to use the artefacts created in the following months after the event to maintain momentum and further build relationships with their diverse range of stakeholders - funders, PFM consultants, governments officials and local government members.