Very Clear Teams

Supporting passionate teams to work independently, take the initiatives whilst staying fiercely loyal to the vision

This one day workshop designed and facilitated by Charles Davies




  • ability to capture the purpose of any new initiative in a single defining sentence
  • ability to recruit the right help and use clear deals to ensure effective collaboration


The ideal is always to have a passionate team, working independently, taking the initiative whilst staying fiercely loyal to the vision. But how to do you ensure each person has real focus? How do you ensure the commitments made between people are the right ones - and well made? How do you ensure that everyone is contributing what the best of what they have to the mission? Without clear responsibilities, clear commitments and clear ideas, friction increases, inefficiency increases. With Charles Davies' Very Clear approach, it's possible to have a whole team working with vision and passion in service of the mission.


THE Methodology

The Very Clear approach starts with the Very Clear Ideas process, a systematic way to turn a rough idea into a single clear sentence that perfectly articulates the task in hand. This is followed by the 'Clear Deals' process, which ensures that agreements are true and binding and foster (rather than detract from) creative flow.