RESILIENCE: Overcoming stress and building your creative resiliance culture

A practical skill development training course to develop tools for overcoming stress and fostering resilience in the workplace, enhance over wellbeing and increase focus and flow. 

8 - 20

Time Frame
3 hours


  • Understand the science behind stress reducing meditative and mindful practices in the workplace
  • Explore the link between storytelling and resilience
  • Understand the role of mindset and learning in developing resilience
  • Discover the magic resilience ratio 
  • Find out ways to integrate insights from the creative process to enhance wellbeing and engagement
  • Learn simple breathing and yoga techniques to immediately reduce stress and enhance your focus. 

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Enhanced understanding and tools to build a resilient culture in the workplace

We also provide bespoke workshops for teams and companies.  For a workshop proposal contact info@thinkvisual.ie