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CREATIVE LEADERSHIP: Tools for fostering creativity and innovation

A practical skill development training course, designed to spark creative enquiry, increase creative confidence and inspire participants to have fun developing their creative thinking toolkit..  

8 - 20

Time Frame
3 hours


  • Explore the relationship of creative leadership and problem solving
  • Gain insights from the creative process 
  • Understand the role of divergent and convergent stages of the creative process
  • Find out about empathy and intuition in the creative process
  • Experiment with the role of questions in finding creative solutions
  • Gain understanding and tools for navigating creative traps
  • Learn about harnessing the power of fear, risk-taking and decision making in creative leadership

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Enhanced skills for creative thinking and leadership throughout the creative process 
  • Increased confidence for integrating creative leadership into organisations. 

We also provide bespoke workshops for teams and companies.  For a workshop proposal contact